20 Best Kickball Shoes July 2022 [Buying Guide + Videos]

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Looking for the best shoes to wear for kickball?

We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be discussing the 20 best kickball shoes that are currently available on the market. Not only that, but we also provide a comprehensive buying guide so you can find the perfect pair of sneakers for your needs.

Whether you’re just getting started with the sport or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s important to have the right footwear when playing kickball. The wrong pair of shoes can not only impact your performance but also put you at risk for injuries.

From versatile all-around shoes to those designed specifically for the turf, there’s a kickball shoe out there for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the best possible traction or the lightest shoes on the market, we’ve got you covered.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 20 Best Shoes for Kickball

Let’s do a quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for the best kickball sneakers we found for you.

  1. Overall Best Kickball Shoes – Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro
  2. Best Budget-Friendly Kickball Shoes – Adidas Predator 20.2
  3. Best Kickball Shoes for Women – Nike Mercurial Vapor 14
  4. Best Kickball Shoes for Men – Adidas Copa Gloro 19.2
  5. Best Kickball Shoe for Kids (Unisex) – Adidas Predator Freak 3
  6. Best Kickball Shoes for Beginners –
  7. Best Kickball Shoes for Competitive Players-
  8. Best Wide-Width Kickball Shoes –
  9. Best Narrow-Width Kickball Shoes –
  10. Best Slip-Resistant Kickball Shoes –
  11. Best Quick-Drying Kickball Shoes –
  12. Best Traction/Grip Kickball Shoes –
  13. Best Ankle Support Kickball Shoes –
  14. Best Arch Support Kickball Shoes –
  15. Widest Toebox Kickball Shoes –
  16. Lightest Weight Kickball Shoes –
  17. Heaviest Weight Kickball Shoes –
  18. Most Comfortable Kickball Shoes –
  19. Most Breathable Kickball Shoes –
  20. Most Durable Kickball Shoes

How We Pick Best Kickball Shoes?

We put a lot of time and effort into researching and testing the best kickball shoes on the market, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product for your money. Here’s a detailed guide to our process:

  • First, we scour the internet for customer reviews of kickball shoes. We read through as many reviews as we can find, looking for common themes and patterns. This helps us get a sense of which shoes are getting good feedback and which ones are falling short.
  • Next, we narrow down our list of contenders to a handful of the most promising options. We then head to the store to try them out for ourselves. We test for comfort, fit, and durability, and take note of any other standout features.
  • Finally, we compare our findings and choose the best kickball shoes on the market. We make sure to update our guide regularly, so you can always be confident you’re getting the latest and greatest information.

Overall Best Kickball Shoes

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro is a great kickball shoe for beginners.

I love the Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro. It’s a really comfortable shoe with a great fit. The soft leather upper provides a nice, snug fit around my feet, but the thick toe box gives it a bit of a padded feeling. The Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro also comes with a padded tongue to protect my tongue from getting scraped up.

The Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro also has a breathable mesh lining for added comfort. I find it pretty good for keeping my feet dry too. I do need to mention that the Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro is a bit heavy at 230 grams, but it feels quite light and flexible.

When I’m playing kickball, I usually play on a hard court with firm ground, and I find the Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro to be great for this. It’s very stable and I can get a good grip on the ball. The Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro also has a thick rubber outsole for better traction, and it’s durable and won’t break easily.

Overall, I think the Mizuno Morelia Neo III Pro is a great kickball shoe. I use it on a daily basis, and it’s still in great condition.

Best Budget-Friendly Kickball Shoes

Adidas Predator 20.2

The Adidas Predator 20.2 kicks off with the same Adidas DNA as other soccer shoes in the range, but it’s built with a softer, more flexible material that’s still sturdy enough to support a hard kick.

The shoe is built with a synthetic rubber sole, and this provides a nice touch of softness to the boot. But the main thing I love about the rubber is how it absorbs impact, and doesn’t add much extra weight to the shoe.

I think the shoe feels great in the hand, and it’s easy to control. It’s also quite lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like a brick in the shoe, and it won’t get in the way when kicking.

While the shoe is designed to be used in practice, the Predator 20.2 is also great for training as it’s easy to kick around with, and it’s comfortable to wear.

The shoe comes in three different sizes, so I chose the medium, which fits perfectly. It’s a little small, but it’s not tight.

The Predator 20.2 is a great, budget-friendly kickball shoe that’s ideal for anyone from beginners to advanced players.

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Best Kickball Shoes for Women

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Kickball shoe features a comfortable fit, an elasticized collar, and a breathable mesh upper. The heel has a reinforced rubber outsole for traction and durability. The soft foam lining provides cushioning and helps prevent blisters.

The soft synthetic leather gives them a cushioned feel that’s easy to grip and balance while still providing excellent traction. This is great for beginners as it’s easy to use.

The rubber sole provides excellent durability, but it doesn’t take a beating like other synthetic soles. They’re extremely lightweight, making them easy to kick, throw and pass.

This is one of the best kickball shoes for women, but I do have some complaints. The laces are tight, but I guess that’s how you get a good fit. They’re also very thick, and I think that would make them more comfortable if you’re someone who likes to kick around in the water.

The toe box is narrow, and I think that would make it difficult for you to move your feet freely. If you’re someone who likes to kick, you may find it a little challenging to move your foot in the shoe.

There are also some minor stitching issues, but they’re not noticeable unless you look at them closely. Overall, this is a very good kickball shoe for women.

Best Kickball Shoes for Men

Adidas Copa Gloro 19.2

The Adidas Copa Gloro 19.2 Kickball shoe is my favorite kickball shoe. I bought it because it was the most comfortable kickball shoe I had tried, and I didn’t want to change it.

It has a rubber sole, which provides good grip and ball control. This is the best kind of rubber because it doesn’t wear out easily, and it doesn’t get slippery.

The inside of the shoe is covered in foam, which makes it really soft and comfortable. I like this because I don’t like the rough feeling that you sometimes get when wearing foam soles.

The shaft of the shoe is made of 100% synthetic material, which is very durable. It’s a man made material, so it won’t absorb water. This is great because it keeps your foot dry and warm.

The size chart is a little misleading. The size chart says that it runs from low-top to high-top, but in reality, it’s from low-top to mid-top.

This shoe is made of high quality materials. I like that the rubber and foam are both man made, and I like the fact that it’s imported by Adidas.

Overall, it is an excellent shoe for kickball players. They provide excellent support and are very durable. 

Best Kickball Shoe for Kids (Unisex)

Adidas Predator Freak 3

The Adidas Predator Freak 3 Kickball Shoes are a great choice for kids because they’re not only stylish, but they’re also comfortable and durable.

They’ve got a padded tongue and collar, so your kid won’t be complaining about wearing them.

They have a supportive mid-cut upper, which is perfect for kids who like to play soccer and are still growing.

The synthetic outsole provides excellent traction, so they can enjoy playing kickball for hours at a time.

The 3D-printed strike zone lets them get the perfect position and control on the ball.

The rubber sole is durable and grippy, so they won’t slip off.

Overall, the Adidas Predator Freak 3 Kickball Shoes are a great pick for kids who want a stylish pair of kickball shoes that will last for years to come.