How to Take a Security Tag off Shoes? [East Steps]

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Shoplifting is a serious problem that affects retailers of all sizes. In fact, it is estimated that retailers lose billions of dollars each year to shoplifting. While there are many ways to prevent shoplifting, one of the most effective is to use security tags.

Security tags are small devices that are attached to the merchandise. They emit a radio frequency that sets off an alarm if the merchandise is removed from the store without being deactivated. Most security tags can be deactivated at the point of sale with a special device. However, some tags are difficult to deactivate and may require special tools.

If you have ever been caught shoplifting, you know that the first thing the store does is remove the security tag from the merchandise. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can actually be quite difficult to remove a security tag from clothing, especially if it is caught on something.

In this guide, we will show you how to take a security tag off of shoes so you can avoid being caught shoplifting.

How to Take a Security Tag off Shoes?

Tools Needed to Remove a Security Tag

There are a few different ways to remove a security tag from clothing, but the most common is to use a pair of pliers. You will also need a sharp object, such as a nail file or a razor blade.

Step 1: Locate the Security Tag

The first step is to locate the security tag. This is usually a small, black box that is attached to the clothing. The tag will be located in different places depending on the type of clothing. For example, on a shirt, the tag is usually located near the bottom hem. On a pair of pants, the tag is usually located on the waistband.

Step 2: Insert the Sharp Object into the Keyhole

Once you have located the security tag, you will need to insert the sharp object into the keyhole. The keyhole is a small, round opening that is located on the side of the tag.

Step 3: Turn the Sharp Object

Once the sharp object is inserted into the keyhole, you will need to turn it. You should feel the tag release from the clothing.

Step 4: Remove the Security Tag

Once the tag has been released from the clothing, you can remove it. If the tag is caught on something, you may need to use the pliers to remove it.

Step 5: Repeat the Process

If you have more than one security tag to remove, you will need to repeat the process for each tag.

How to Prevent Shoplifting?

The best way to prevent shoplifting is to use security tags. However, there are a few other things you can do to deter shoplifters.

  • Use security cameras: Security cameras are a great way to deter shoplifters. If a shoplifter knows they are being watched, they are less likely to steal.
  • Use mirrors: Mirrors can help you keep an eye on your merchandise and can also help deter shoplifters.
  • Train your employees: Employees who are trained to watch for shoplifters can be a great asset in preventing shoplifting.
  • Use alarms: Alarms can be a great deterrent for shoplifters. If a shoplifter knows an alarm will sound, they are less likely to steal.
  • Use locks: Locks can help deter shoplifters by making it more difficult for them to access your merchandise.
  • Use signage: Signs that say “No Shoplifting” can help deter shoplifters.

While security tags are the best way to prevent shoplifting, there are a few other things you can do to deter shoplifters. By using a combination of these methods, you can create a shoplifting prevention plan that will work best for you and your business.


Removing a security tag from a shoe is a pretty simple process, as long as you have the right tools. With a little patience and a steady hand, you’ll have those shoes off in no time.

So the next time you’re shopping for shoes and come across a security tag, don’t be discouraged. Just follow the steps above and you’ll have those shoes off in no time.